19029 Van Burn Blvd. Suite 117
Riverside, Ca 92508

Welcome to World Black Ryu Martial Arts, Ch'uan-Fa, Ju-Jitsu. We strive to provide traditional, effective martial arts training -- training that teaches not only the body but more importantly the mind and the spirit.

The martial arts training provided at World Black Ryu Martial Arts focuses on training the body, mind and spirit to overcome all obstacles. The training is hard, but the benefits are limitless.

Martial arts training is one of the best things you can do for yourself and your child. Our martial arts program will prepare your child for success in school and life! Our classes will increase self-confidence, concentration, and self-control as well as other important traits such as courtesy, perseverance, and respect.

Adult Class
Ages 17+

Mighty Warriors
Ages 5-16

Little Dragon
Ages 3-4

All Ages